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Slow Processing Speed Resources? What else do I need?

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Hi ladies,


Can you recommend some good books to help me understand how to work with Slow Processing Speed? My son is 11 years old and tested in the 2nd percentile on processing speed on the Woodcock Johnson. I know it is hard to increase, but there has got to be something we can do.


I am convinced he has or had dysgraphia based on the tremendous amount of letter reversals he struggled with through third grade. We did the writing 8's for months and the letter reversals are gone. Should I continue researching dysgraphia if the letter reversals are gone. Is there more to dysgraphia? He still hates to write. I have assumed it's because he can't spell at all and he has to think about how to spell every word. There is no automaticity (?) to his writing because of his poor spelling skills.


He reads above grade level when forced to read, but his eyes fatigue easily. He had tracking issues and has had a year of vt to overcome them. We don't think more vt will help. I took a sibling to the developmental optometrist today. While we were there I asked about my sons fatigue and fear of small print again. The dr suggested bringing him in and seeing if reading glasses will help him out.


BTW, his auditory processing is wonderful. He understands and retains the info very well.


My library stinks, so I have to buy my resource books. I recently read "Smart but Scattered" and it wasn't very helpful. Have you guys read anything that you think would help my son and me?


I should also add that he is thriving with RightStart Math. I am amazed what he can do in his head when given time.

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Do you have him do dictation? How about typing? With my daughter we make the most progress when we separate the skills in writing. She can pour some awesome compositions out of her head verbally. The level of what she can physically write is greatly different from what she can compose, so we work on that separately.

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