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So a couple of days ago, I place an order for dog food from amazon. DH isn't aware I've placed the order, but this morning he mentioned we were out of dog food adn I said "Don't worry, it's scheduled for delivery today" Anyway, I am working with the kids, DH Is home, and the Fedex guy knocks. He has a package. Dh decides to open it. "Wow! A new piece for my grill. So cool. DW must have bought this for me. Or maybe her father [he's the one who bought us the grill as a housewarming gift]. How nice." So he sets it up, it fits our grill perfectly (it's for grilling vegetables). Recycle is this morning, so he brings the boxes out to recycle. Bye bye boxes.


I come home from work today and realize there is still no dog food. But when I check on amazon, it seems that the package has been marked "Delivered." Oh no! We have dog food bandit out there somewhere. So I call DH and tell him he is going to have to drive to the pet store from work and get dog food (at a higher price, plus gas). And he casually mentions the package he got this morning. "I wonder if it was from your dad." I call my dad .Nope. Not from him. THen I gets my ol' noggin working....hmmmm.....I call amazon, and sure enough, they misdelivered the package. Our nice, new grill add-on. Which now has no box, no packaging, and MAN it's heavy and hard to pack.


But they want it back. I agreed to mail it back, somehow, but DH is like "um, no way. I am going to call them back and tell them we can't ship it back because we threw away the packaging and it's huge and heavy." I said "well, when you call Amazon to ream them out, don't mention how much you like the grill...." :smilielol5:

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I could SO see this happening at our house! There is almost always at least one package on our front porch!


What's weird is that we JUST got the Meyer grill a couple of months ago, and we were talking with my Dad about how much we appreciated it, how we loved grilling, but that grilling veggies was hard as they kept slipping through the grate. Then VOILA this nice new addition for grilling veggie arrives on our porch! DH was thrilled at how thoughtful my dad was! And I was like "Wow, that IS nice." Turns out DH WASHED the darn thing AND PRE-SPICED IT for tonight's grill!!! :o He was so excited. LOL. When I told him it was sent in error in was like "wah???"

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