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American Story 2 users, I need some help please

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I have tried to post this over at WP, but I can't log on. Their security thingy keeps asking me who the 1st president of the U.S. was, and when I type in George Washington, it tells me I am wrong lol. anyway, I am going to order the guide for AS2, and any exclusives. Has anyone here used the gold rush kit? Is it worth $20, or is it just a pan of sand with a gold flake hidden in it lol. also, the american achievements activity pack, can I just order one and copy any consumables? It says consumable, but then the activities it describes don't sound consumable, like decorating levis jeans. Just trying to save as much $$ as possible. I could coy what I needed with the other make your own history book. Hopefully someone will see this that has used the program.


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