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What charts do you put up?

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I was thinking of putting up a little chart with some grammar tips and such on the wall next to older ds's desk. In particular, ones about the parts of speech, definitions, usage, examples, etc. Given that we just started a new year and have one chapter in the old R&S grammar to finish, he has forgotten a bit.


What charts do you have up as helps for doing work?

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Up right now:


Geography Terms with pictorial

Native American Tribes map colorized

US and World Maps laminated

1-100 Number Chart

Times Table chart

D'Nealian Cursive chart

Teach Me to Pray chart

The Books of the Bible chart

1753-1903 Technology Timeline

Civil War Timeline (it goes from 1619 to 1865)

Battle Map of the American Revolution


Calendar on the bulletin board


Yeah, we're visual. :)

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World map

U.S. map

3 Latin charts

cursive alphabet

roman numbers

food pyramid (all are in my kitchen..thus..this one)

parts of speech

"what to do when we are angry" (I have 3 boys..thus, this is needed!)

using context cues



(if I had more wall space, I would hang a ton more!)

Hot Lava Mama

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If anyone has pics of the wall charts and bulletin boards that would be great. I had two dry erase charts up (weekly one to write in assignments, and notebook lined one) and we just took them down b/c it was a mess. There was an outline of the posters up from rubbing the dry erase off, and when dc went out of the lines/edges? I had to repaint the wall.


I was considering putting up a heavy duty with edges dry erase but not sure what height since I want ds to be able to use it as well? I am thinking of just taping the desk size calendars and write in his subjects for the day, b/c he really likes checking them off (that's why we had the weekly dry erase up).

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For a 3.5 year old who wants to "do school..."


  • Books of the Bible
  • Psalm 23 (with a nice photograph of sheep)
  • A-Z Bible Memory Verses
  • Months of the Year
  • Days of the Week
  • Word Families (-ab, cab, dab, gab, tab, slab, etc.)
  • Numbers 1-100
  • Numbers 1-20 (with pictures; on the fridge)

We rotate our charts, so when these go down, others will go up. For example:



USA map

World map (very simple, with continents & oceans only)

The Lord's Prayer

Animal Groups


You get the picture. I found most of these at Becker's Parent/Teacher store, about $1 or $2 per poster. I know the store near us has some great grammar & mechanics/punctuation posters, which would be good to use with an older student. Hope you find what you are looking for! :001_smile:

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Our current wall hangings include


Pocket chart calendar

Multiplication chart

cracking the math code chart

roman numeral chart

laminated world and US maps

Exploration of America

Weather chart (has things like the water cycle etc on it)

Types of clouds chart

Money chart (showing the front and back of coins from penny to golden dollar)

Pledge of Allegiance

Reading my way to 100 books (one for ds and one for read alouds)

magnetic white board with "tunneling our way to 100 day" ants poster

AAS spelling tile board


I also change my history and science posters depending on what we're covering.

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we keep it simpe:

Maps (world/ usa)

1-100 number chart and number line (though i may take number line down when we start RS math again)

wall calendar (regular flip kind)

chore chart

poem of the week


The teacher in me wants to put soooo much more up, but I have a lack of space and very "easily distracted kids":-)

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