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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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I hope you feel better soon, Jean.


Our packing date almost officially been moved up a week, so I need to sort, sort, and sort. I've never done a move with packers, so I'm having trouble thinking that it's going to be all that hard, especially since we don't have much stuff (at least, not much for an American family).


And I need to finishing planning the food we're eating all next week for my husband's birthday and my parents' visit so I can go to the grocery store tomorrow. For the record, my parents scheduled their visit before we knew we would be moving two days after they leave. They're easygoing, so it'll all work out.


I am so excited for the next few weeks. Even the move.

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Hello everyone! Sorry it is a rough day for some folks.


Today's goals


-practice instruments - Done

-take kids for a picnic and fun at the park - Done

-pick up Mom's dog - Done

-15 min. clean - Done

-15 min. clean

-15 min. clean

-have kids wipe bathrooms, dust and vacuum - Done

-clean kitchen - Done

-mop floor - Done

-get school stuff put away

-print off calendar and chore charts for next week - Done

- and of course, the ever-present ........ fold laundry


Off I go!

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Curses on the telemarketer who woke me up and then the JW's who actually dragged me out of bed. I know they didn't know I was sick. I've given the phone to my secretary, dd11, so she can screen calls. The door - I thought it was my ILs who do have a bad habit of coming unannounced and then LIbby the Disabled Wonder dog fell down the stairs, I had to get up to check the door and make sure the dog was ok. (She is.)


Now that I'm up I'm going to work in the kitchen for ten minutes and then go back to bed.

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It's 2:40pm on Friday. The day has been thoroughly tackled.



Bible & devotion

got up and dressed


daycare child #1 arrived (8am)

took dd15 to coop (9am)

dropped daycare child #1 at her preschool (9:30)

home to do school with my younger 3

2 loads of laundry

walked/ran 3 miles on the treadmill

showered & changed clothes


picked up dd15 from co-op (2pm)



take dd15 to church (she's leaving on a weekend retreat)

go to Walmart, bank & library


general kitchen clean-up

make dinner


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I'm tired. For some reason I have been tired the last couple of days.


We go swimming on Fridays. But because the majority weren't into it we are home 1 hour early. That means I have three boys in my house for one extra house today. (My two boys plus the Friday friend). At 5 he goes home. and then it'll be quieter and calmer for awhile.


Eldest and Dh want to go out to a board gaming thing tonight. The question is are we all going, or do I stay home with Youngest?


The other important question is, what do I get to snack on between now and bedtime?

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