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Teaching Textbooks sequence question.

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We use TT with my son. I am not looking to change programs or debate how rigorous TT is. :)


I spent an hour searching threads last night and could not find the answer anywhere. So, I am sorry if I missed it and am asking a repeat question, if I am please post the link here. I am just having so much trouble fully figuring out the new boards.


I seem to remember a thread where someone was saying that one of the levels between 6 and Algebra could be easily skipped if you were using 2 programs or your child was really doing well. That 7 and Pre algebra both contained a lot of review. I just can't remember which one and I am trying to figure out our Math sequence for the rest of the middle school.


He is doing TT 5 right now (in 5th grade) with R&S 5 and LOF, so I think he is pretty well rounded with the whole Math thing. He is scoring above 90% in every lesson of TT. So I think we can skip whichever one is best to skip. We would like to start Algebra in 7th. Oh, and he is just finishing LOF elementary and about to start Fractions (The start of the 5 book, year and a half LOF pre algebra.)


Thank you for your help.

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We skipped TT6, though it wasn't really planned. DS (4th) just finished TT5, and I had planned for him to do Thinkwell Math 6 just to try out a different program (I know, I know; if it ain't broke, don't fix it). He scored perfect 100s on the first seven or eight Thinkwell lessons, so just for fun I gave him the TT placement test for 7th. Out of 30 problems, he needed to get 18 correct to be ready for TT7. He scored 26 out of 30 correct. LOL.. Guess he's ready for TT7. And it's going well so far. He's gotten 100s on the first three lessons. :-) My plan is to do TT7 then pre-algebra which should take him through 5th grade. Then we'll use TT for algebra in 6th. HTH!

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