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What do you do for upper sciences for your subsequent children?

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My plan has been to use the BJU DVDs for 7th grade and up. I want to make sure they get a solid college-prep science course and don't really trust my abilities to lead that. So, this year we started life science with ds. The problem (or not?) is that my 2 dds are watching the videos with him. I love it that they are learning, too, but now I don't know about the plan. DD is in 5th grade and would be doing this course again in 2 years. Seems kinda repetitive and boring to repeat it again so soon. She's not doing the reading and scores about 50% on the tests (she wants to take them), so I wouldn't really consider her to be taking the course. But is it too soon to do it again in 2 years? What do other large families do for upper science?

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My 8th grader has been schooling many topics with my 10th grader since I don't know when. He isn't really smarter than she is, and seeing what he handles at early ages makes me think I cheated my older dd by not pushing HER ahead, lol.


When they were younger, sometimes I adjusted history up/down by adding some books for my older and subtracting some for the younger. . . But, for science, they've always done it all together. So, last year, we did high school level chem (spectrum) with 7th & 9th. This year we're doing Bio (Miller Levine) with 8th & 10th. Next year will be Algebra Based Physics (maybe B AP, because we're going to use Giancoli either way, and so they may as well take the Physics B AP test). So, he'll be done with his "core 3" science in 9th grade, and can take all APs or rabbit trails for the rest of high school science. Good for him!


So, if your younger can keep up and is interested, I'd just leave it be for now. There are SO MANY advantages to having multiple children in the same science class!


The main sticking point is usually math for high school chem or physics. My kids happen to be very math-accelerated, so that's never been an issue. (All have had Algebra by 5th/6th grade.) If that ever becomes an issue, THEN just change direction with the younger.

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