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Evolution unit?


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My kids reminded me today that I said we would not do the Apologia chapter on dinosaurs but would, instead, replace it with something that covers evolution, origins, earth age, etc. I am an old earth creationist, and secular or OEC are fine. Ideally it would be a study, rather than books I have to read and prepare materials from in advance. Grades 7 and 3, though the third grader is Mr. Science and could handle and benefit from materials intended for older students.


Please tell me that such a thing exists...



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I've been wondering about this, too. (Although I'm looking at resources for kids much younger than yours next year.) The only thing I've found so far are Intellego Evolution units. I think they have them for the K-2 age range and 6-8 range. I'm not sure what these are like to work with, though.


So basically, I'm all ears.

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we covered evolution when my kids were in grades 2 and 9. I got each of them a book ("Life on Earth: the story of evolution" for the younger, and "why evolution is true" for the older, both from the library) and we watched streaming on netflix the whole 'walking with' series - walking with prehistoric monsters, walking with dinosaurs .. . but my kids were kinda opposite - the older one is an advanced reader and 'why evolution is true' is an adult book. 'life on earth' is a picture book, but with good concept coverage.

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We are convering it this next year, using a mixture of materials. Take a look at this, you might really like its broad approach: http://www.connectthethoughts.net/upper--history.php?course=21274


Here is what is covered:


Subjects covered in this course include:

  • Both scientific and religious concepts of how the universe, the world and life were created
  • Basic ideas of science
  • Evolution
  • Artificial and Natural Selection
  • Darwin
  • The concept of God
  • Genesis and its telling of Creation
  • Hinduism and its concept of Creation from the Rig Veda
  • The Mayas and their concept of Creation from the Popul Vuh
  • The Vikings and their Creation myth
  • The Big Bang
  • Oscillating Universe Theory
  • What a biosphere is
  • Planet Earth
  • Basic ideas of geology
  • The dinosaurs (a lengthy section)
  • Early types of man and their lives

It suggests documentaries and films to use as well. We are going to do a lower level book first to give a brief introduction before getting too deep.




Hope this helps!

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So I hopped over to Intellego's website to check out that recommendation, and I was totally sidetracked by the baseball unit. :drool5: Geez, if there's anything Mr. Science loves more than science, it is baseball. He thanks you very much. How have I never heard of Intellego before? Apparently I need to crawl out from under my rock.


Connect the Thoughts looks good, too. I'm off to investigate both further, after I order the danged baseball unit.


Thanks so much everyone.



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The book, It Couldn't Just Happen, by Lawre nce O. Richards, is a great resource to read to your kids. My dd is in 4th, and I've been using it to supplement our (Christian Kids Explore)Earth & Space science this year. The chapaters/units of the book include: Earth in Our Universe (which discusses it's origens); How Life Began; Evidence from Living Things; Humanity in God's Nature; The Book That Didn't Just Happen (which includes "What the Bible Teaches about Creation".


In addition, we discussed the fact that "Evolution" is a broad term which needed to be defined. Macro-evolution vs. Micro-evolution (which we believe in). I've found my Apologetics Bible's articles invaluable in helping me to delve into this topic with dd. I use the HCSB Apologetics Study Bible for Students. It has some fantastic "extras" in it including:


Apologetics Articles:

  • What are Worldviews & Why Are They Important?
  • What is Evolution?
  • Evidence for God: The Moral Argument
  • Evidence for God: Cosmological Argument
  • Does the Fossil Record Support Evolution?
  • If God Made the Universe, Then Who Made God?
  • and 115 more articles


Twisted Scripture Notes - These are scriptures that are often intentionally misquoted by secularists & other religions to support their view.

Bones & Dirt News - These are articles about archeology and ancient artifacts which support the historicity of the Bible

Fast Facts - Quickie Fact-pact articles like: Darwinian Evolution; Atheism; Religious Pluralism, and 17 others

Challenges & Tactics - How to answer challenges to your faith like: "You shouldn't judge others"; "The Bible is full of errors & contradictions"; "There is no truth"; "Christians are hypocritical and judgmental"; and 20 others.


I also explained the following to her from articles I read from reputable sources (http://www.reasonablefaith.org/ http://www.answersingenesis.org/ and http://www.str.org) about old earth vs. young earth (we don't hold to a particular view - God created...that's all we care about) and for the Big Bang, I used BrainPop and good, up-to-date library books. Then I had her write an article explaining what she got from the articles and if she was leaning one way or the other and why.


I hope this info can help you out.

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I'm just beginning to set up a prehistoric life/evolution study, and thought I'd tag on some things I have found (though not used yet).


First, the link above to the secular science thread didn't work for me, so I'm reposting it here.


Montessori Services carries many suitable materials. Montessori materials are a wonderful resource for ecumenical prehistory information, supplies, &c.

Timeline of Life fossil collection -- 18 actual, little fossil items.

Fossils Book Set -- 4 books about 4 particular fossils (trilobytes, &c)

Geologic Eras Book Set

Geologic Periods Book Set

Timeline of Life -- beautiful, very expensive: $225. I don't own this, the "beautiful" is going from the pictures of it.

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