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if you pick 'n' choose from IEW/MCT/WWE as i do .....


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i'm interested in ideas on several things:

1) if anyone meshes elements of IEW, MCT, WWE/WWS together to create a personalized mosaic of Language Arts for their kiddos in elementary and heading into middle school.

{{fyi background: our DS10 is finishing off 4th grade; DD8, 2nd. we combined LA this year (for the first time) with our DD in 2nd grade to do MCT Island+IEW SWI-A and it was a phenomenal success. i still had them working in their respective WWE levels peppered throughout, and i will probably continue that same approach because DS10 is generally stronger in linguistics than DD8. to follow up on IEW for 3rd and 5th grads, i'm thinking of AFF for IEW for DD8 to follow up/reinforce SWI-A and possibly the geo-based for my DS10. we also loved MCT Island that we did altogether this year. we love it all. i want to continue on with Town after we wrap up our schoolyear (we're just reviewing/reinforcing all the great stuff we've learned this year so far until then), and i'm trying to discern how to mesh that with IEW follow up (we're not going on to SWI-b just yet and are transitioning into WWS for the older one ..... without doing too much. i don't mind dabbling in all of it, alternating weeks here and there, to maintain a balanced mosaic approach. in fact, i find the changes of pace refreshing throughout the schoolyear. but i don't want to confuse the kids as they are acquiring skills. they love it and i want to just feed their love of language/writing as best i can.}}



we are winding down our need for WWE4 (DS has done the entire series)..... i don't want to start WWS just yet, and i want to make use of the kilgallon story grammar or sentence composing (that i have on our shelf but have never used ) before we try WWS or Town level just for a change of pace as well as a different perspective. what kilgallon is best to prep DS10 for WWS and / or Town?


3) i was also wondering if there's anybody out there who could comment on the various components of MCT Town and whether one needs to do all of it in order to benefit, if one is using something alongside such as WWS or IEW. stated differently, if one takes an a la carte approach to MCT Town, what components would be an overlap with WWS/IEW and therefore redundant or nonessential?



thanks in advance -- i love all the different experiences and perspectives one can garner on the forums!!!! :)

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