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Ted Talks - Creativity Educated Out of Children

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I watched this speech by Ken Robinson last night. I don't agree with everything he says, but I think most of his ideas are right on. I'm happy to be in a position, in a state that will allow me to foster my children's strengths.




The video is about 20 minutes and easily keeps your attention. Discuss!

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I just watched this yesterday. I agree that creativity does get killed as we educate the head more and more. I have seen it in my own children. My boys are still young and still can easily be creative. But as they learn more, they seem to be less willing to attempt to create and fail.


I get very excited about videos like this, as they make me think about how I can encourage my kids to keep the traits they have always had. My middle is not creative by nature - he is a very logical, straight line kind of kid. His idea of creativity is to take two characters and mash them together to create a new one. Yet, through various challenges and being able to find things that interest him, he is slowly learning that he has good ideas and can create more then he has ever thought possible. My oldest on the other hand has been telling stories since he could talk. He has grand ideas and wants to be an author. His storytelling has influenced his brother to want to learn to create video games. Thankfully, through this we have been able to help both boys explore their interests and maybe even be able to help then continue to be creative.

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