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Using WWE 1 with a much older student

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I did the evaluation for WWE that was recommended on my 17 year old son (he is classified as a "slow learner", was in PS until 8th and missing ALOT of information so we are remediating) and he can not narrate or do correct punctuation for the dictation.


How would you use WWE 1 for a 17 year old? would you do two lessons a day or how would you pace it for remediation? We are currently using Analytical grammar as well.

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What good thing about WWE I think is that even with the script, it is not condescending at all. I think it would be fine for a teen or even an adult, if they never learned to write.


I would probably do a full "week" (4 lessons) at least in one day with a 17 yr old, even with a slow learner. I do think the curriculum is designed to take into account the limited attention span of young children, as well as developmental issues that make the process slower for a younger child (such as, being mechanically slow with forming words and letters on paper.) Even a very young child does a lesson in 10-15 minutes, so even if the 17 yr old is taking that long, and spending 40-60 minutes a day on writing is reasonable for a 17 yr old (assuming we're talking about learning disabilities and not some overall cognitive issue that relates to his ability to focus at his maturity level.) You could probably accelerate especially quickly through level 1 since so much of it is listening and narration - only about 2 lessons a week involve actual writing, and then it's mostly copywork. Plus, I assume with a 17 yr old your goal is to bring him up to speed, so I'd go through it as quickly as possible to bring him up to speed.


Modifications I'd suggest, assuming he can write legibly and clearly - is (if you are using the workbook for easy scripting), forgo the student pages and have him do any work on plain paper, as the elementary writing paper on levels 1-3 might seem condescending to him. Also, if any copywork exercise appears too trivial for him, just make it dictation instead. I also expect it is possible that even a *slow* teen will *get it* much quicker than a 1st or 2nd grader, as the program involves repetition. If the repetition is needed, use it, but if he "gets it" and is ready to move on, skip a lesson here and there and get through it to the more advanced levels.

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