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Tips for relocating please


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Well, after eight long months with no job, it looks like my husband may actually be offered a wonderful one by the end of next week. :)


We are excited & praying the offer is great for him & our family.


I am an extreme planner & even though we don't know for sure yet, I want to start putting together a plan for what we will need to do if this comes through. The new job would be in SC. We live in GA & have our whole lives, so this is all very new to us.


So, what I would love is some great tips on what we should be doing to prepare for this possible move to make things easier. All friendly advice is welcome! :)


Just a couple of details... My husband will most likely begin this job late March, but my son & I will not move there until late May so that he can finish out he school year.


We also own our home here & would want to put it on the market as soon as we find out officially that he has the job. We would also need a home in SC. This is confusing to me even though I know there is a way to make this work temporarily.


Just lots to think about & that is why I am asking for help. Thanks so much! :)



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I would find out if the employer will pay for any of the move.


I would also suggest renting for at least 6 months after you move, so you can get to know the area.


As to the actual move, I would start purging things now. Cleaning out closets and areas you might not have touched for a while.


I would also get an idea of what the housing market is doing in your area. Are homes selling quickly? How does yours compare? Will you need to stay in GA until the home sells? Does the job pay well enough to support two households? Where will dh be living while he's there.


We've done the long distance move twice. Both time dh and I moved at separate times. It can be hectic, but the expense of maintaining two households can be tough as well. Best wishes to him on the job offer.

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