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Migraines (??) in 12yr Old


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So, I'm 99% sure DD12 had her first migraine yesterday.


She woke up and said her stomach hurt, but no other complaints really. She has a tendency to be a bit of a drama queen and can be one to milk things, so I sent her to band at the PS anyway. I figured it was one class, she'd survive. I got a call from the school nurse to come pick her up, because her stomach hurt. Fine. I went and got her (thankfully, the school is only 4min from my house).


She came home, laid down on the loveseat and stayed there for several hours. By lunch time she was whimpering and whining. I told her that if she didn't feel good that was fine, but she wasn't going to lay there and whine and complain. She said she had a bad headache. I told her to take some ibuprofen, but she refused (she has this weird irrational fear of taking pills).


I finally talked her into it and she sat up enough to tell me that at school that morning she was having strange visual disturbances and just felt really weird (in addition to the stomach thing). The headache didn't start until after we got home. The more we talked.....I was pretty sure she had a migraine. Mine started at about her age too. Her head was pounding with her heartbeat, more on one side than the other, nauseous, she said she couldn't look outside because it was too bright, etc.


The ibuprofen took care of it and she was feeling okay the rest of the day. However, this morning, she woke up saying she had a bit of a headache again......and her throat hurt. She voluntarily took more ibuprofen.....and was okay all day (except for the little bit of a sore throat).


DS asked to play Mario Kart about 30 min ago, so the kids all sat down to play. Within 10 min she said she couldn't play anymore. I asked her why and she said she felt like a strobe light was going off in her head. Not a headache.....just how her head felt. She says the best way she can describe it is that she "feels like her eyes are shaking involuntarily". I sent her for more ibuprofen, but......ideas?


Do you think I'm right about the migraine? Or does she have a virus? Or both?


If it is migraines, should I be getting her to the dr sometime soon? Or since the ibuprofen seems to be taking care of it....let it go for now?

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Sounds like a migraine and I often have what I call rebound pain. Excedrin is the only thing that does help and I think it is because of the thinning of the blood from the aspirin.

ETA: If it is still bad tomorrow take her in. Visual stimulation and noise really exaggerate it for me but I have never had a sore throat.

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In some people (me, for example) Ibuprofen helps temporarily but can cause an even worse rebound migraine. I have a prescription for mine. My dad has them, and has a different prescription than I have. The same meds do not work for us. Ds9 gets them as well, but so far we have avoided prescription meds for him. Right now when he gets a migraine we give him a regular Dramamine crushed up in a small cup of water. It settles his stomach and knocks him out so he can sleep it off. Sleep is really the only thing that helps him.


All that to say, migraines can really vary from person to person and if your dd still has this one tomorrow I would see a doc.

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I really feel for her and I would urge you to find some way to be more compassionate bc that sort of experience can be terribly frustrating and absolutely mind numbingly painful and to be told to quit whining would probably have driven me over the edge.


Peppermint oil can combat migraine but I'd see a specialist.



To clarify....I said that BEFORE I knew about the headache. I get migraines often monthly....and headaches multiple times a week. I know the pain.....frustration....all of it.

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