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How many pages can you fit in a spiral coil?

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I must not be using the right search terms, because I can't easily find a good answer to this question either in the forums or online in general! I just bought a Proclick and am looking at buying spiral coils to use with it. I know that with the proclick spines I can do up to 110 pages, but can I buy larger coils to thread in myself and then do larger books? What's the largest any of you have done as one book?


And on a related note, do you just use the 4:1 pitch even though the Proclick is a 3:1?


I've read that for big books you need a 2:1 machine or a machine that can do 3:1 or 2:1 - but the cheapest one I see that does both is $600 something - a BIT more than the Proclick. :)


Asking because it would be nice to have some manuals which are maybe 250 pages all as one spiral bound book and wondering if I can do that?


Thanks so much for your input!!

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This page has a coil sizing guide for the 3:1 pitch spiral coils that fit Proclick machines:




Looks like the 28mm or 30mm would work for you. The problem is that you have to buy a case of 100, which is about $50 for that size. It is hard to find 3:1 pitch coils. You could check Ebay and see if anyone has them in smaller amounts, but when I've checked in the past, MyBinding.com has always been the best deal I could find. I've seen one other place that has good deals when it has overruns, but I can't remember where that was. I know it was linked from WTM before, so searching proclick threads here might turn it up.


(note that I haven't used regular coils with my Proclick punched paper, as I got a gazillion Proclick spines super cheap on clearance last year and now have enough to last a lifetime - otherwise, I was originally planning to get some regular coils, since they're normally cheaper than Proclick)

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