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K12.com Science for 6th? (as independents)

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I am thinking of purchasing this, and maybe the 3rd grade one for younger. We used K12 as independents for K and 1st and liked it, but the volume of paperwork became overwhelming and so did the cost.


But I am thinking of going back for Science.....has anyone used this? Thoughts?

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My only thought is that I put my info in at the K12 site to look at samples of German and they literally called me with robot calls 10x a day for 3 weeks straight. I was starting to feel harassed!


Anyhow, I have nothing else to tell you about their science. Just be sure to make up your info when you view the samples. LOL


Oh and I wanted to ask you if I should buy the Evan Moore thing. I'm thinking about it. I recall you said you like it. Is it worth it? I know it goes on sale tomorrow through the co-op thing.



The teacher file box thing? Yep, i am buying it. Let it lapse and i miss it. My younger likes lots of variety and this makes it easy. Plus, i love Daily Paragraph Editing and want some History Pockets....i think it is worth it. IMO. Evan moor produces pretty high quality workbooks, and my kids like workbooks.


Re k12. Yea, i didnt enter my info. My only concern is how much of it is online. Ds historically has done better with books than computers, but i feel the need for a change. Thanks.

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I think my 7 year old would like it too. He likes workbooks. It's one of the few things he doesn't totally complain about.


If you use it let me know. I'm always looking for science stuff. Good science books are so difficult to find!



Yep, they are. We are using CPO and i had hig hopes but i juat dont love it. Ds is now saying he "hates cells". I'm like "really? You HATE cells?" lol.

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I have no idea what the K12.com Science course costs, or experience with it. DD is taking this "Print" course from TTUISD. Since we are in South America, she submits her lessons to TTUISD as email attachments. The cost is $160 per semester. So, $160 for Science 6A and $160 for Science 6B. The same textbook is used for both semesters. We bought the textbook, Used, from an Amazon Seller. TTUISD requires an "Approved Proctor" for the final examinations. Also, the students must pass the final examinations. GL




ETA: The above link has a link to the introduction to the Science 6A Print course. Click on "View sample of course guide"

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We've used K12 Science as Independents for just about every level 1-6. We've liked it pretty well, and even better--it gets done! Yes, the actual lesson reading is online, but there are always activities to do offline as well. The nice thing about being an Independent is that you don't have to do it all, and no one bothers you. Just do the activities you think your DC needs. You'll still need to plan experiment/activity supplies ahead, as the list sometimes can be pretty extensive. :tongue_smilie:


It's pricey (probably just under $250 I think), but it's been a good fit for us because there aren't many secular science progrms out there (which is our preference). And putting together our own program felt expensive and a little hodge podge.


When the kids were younger I bought only one science level and combined them, just printing out extra pages as necessary. I wasn't keeping grades and didn't need a state record, so it was fine that I had only one "registered" student.


Good luck with your decision!



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We are using science 5 for dd in 5th this year. It's our first time with k12, and dd is not a fan. She does not like doing the reading online in the slide type format. She prefers an ebook type format or a real book. The last two units of 5th grade are books, so we are looking forward to that. I don't feel like there is significant reading, and the experiments are just ok. My son is using CPO, and we love it, so maybe my opinion isn't the best for you though!


Btw, k12 6-8th grades is a slightly different format with one unified topic a year, so we may have had a different experience if we had started with that. As it is, I think we will just fold dd into CPO along with ds next year for physical science.

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