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AP testing question

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Many universities will not grant credit if the test was not taken during the high school years.

I would be more inclined to relabel the years before, classifying 9th grade as 8th, etc. and reclassify the intended gap year as a senior year if a significant amount of academic learning is to take place during that year.


Another option -- many universities do not publicize this, but will actually do test-outs for courses, especially non-lab STEM courses. My university's math department, for example, does not believe that a student who could get an A on a cumulative final should be taking the course, and will grant either credit or advanced standing and placement into a more interesting course (depending on some specifics).

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I checked the College Board website to find out when the AP Calculus AB exam would be held. Unfortunately it is the same day and time he has his psychology final at the university. We will check to see if his professor will let him take the final at another time.


It is worth a shot. The worst thing that will happen is that the professor says no, in which case he is no worse off than he is now.

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