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ACT and Lial's

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Those of you who have used Lial's with pre algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2 on up to precalculus.....have you found they were well prepared for the ACT. I have skipped around alot and my oldest used Lial's for algebra 2 and precalculus. I'm thinking of using Lial's throughout 7th grade on up for my other 2 but wanted to make sure it would prepare them for ACT....the test that counts in my state! My oldest has done well in math but we used Saxon, Abeka, Jacobs, and Lial's on her! Ha!!! I used a different one every year and want to simplify for the others. Thanks!

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My own girls did not take the ACT--but both did great in college maths after using Lial.


I've been teaching from Lial for 6 years. My students report good scores on ACT and SAT tests (they comment that they were well prepared).


Lial is a solid program. It covers all of the bases and does a great job of preparing students for college-maths.


Doing well on ACT or SAT tests has more to do with the individual student than the program used. I've had students who have used what I would call a 'terrible' program and end up scoring near perfect on the ACT. I've also had A students do miserably on the ACT-- not because of the program--but rather test anxiety!

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