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Help with proofs?

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My son is using TT Geometry, which we both like. However, he is having a hard time writing proofs--knowing how to include all the steps and not skipping important parts. He understands the theorems and postulates and how they apply, but writing proofs is very hard. On his last test, he got everything else right, just not the proofs. I am wondering how to help him out.


Does anyone have any online resources or things that they have done/used to help a student understand how to better form a proof?


Thanks in advance!

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Talk, talk, talk. Ask him to tell you how he is going to approach the proof. If he is clueless, ask him to write down what he knows. Then ask where is he going? Does one of the things he knows lead to another thing?


Drawing pictures can help.


But I encourage the give and take of discussion. This way you can confirm when he is on the right track.

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