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FYI: Computer programming for children website launch by Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft creators

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It's been 15 years since I last used Unix in any shape



Glad I'm not the only one noticing the challenge when it has been a time since the previous use. But I suspect that much of it will fall back into place, as some things have done in the past.


I find the more we do the 'fall into place because it has already been a learned skill' in front of our children, the more we can impress upon them that learning a skill in advance of actually needing it really DOES make a difference later on, even if the skill needs significant work to refresh! :) :)

I've even used the "No, you don't need it now, and might never need it. But if you do, having learned it easily now will make refreshing the skill a whole lot easier later." In response to "Well then I'll learn it later!" argument, I've used "Yeah, that doesn't work so well in adults. Learning it at your age is a piece of cake. So why not learn it while it is easy? I'd rather re-learn a skill I've had in the past than try to learn it from scratch and be frustrated!" It did work a couple times, w/ the children of friends, and nephews. I've yet to have occasion to test it w/ my own child. I suspect after one application of this reality in one of her parents, she'll catch on - she's pretty good like that! :)

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