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Oklahoma people--question about pulling a kid out of public school.

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I know that home schoolers are protected in the state constitution. Not sure if a suspension would matter. I would contact the OK Homeschooling Legal Defense.




They will tell you what state law is, how to go about it, help explore alternatives and withdrawal procedures, etc. They were very helpful to me years ago when I pulled dd out.

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From the HERO website: http://www.oklahomahomeschooling.org/oklahoma-homeschooling-frequently-asked-questions.htm#What_is_the_procedure_for_taking_my_child_out_of_public_school


What is the procedure for taking my child out of public school?


If your child is currently enrolled in the public school system, you may withdraw them at any time. To officially withdraw your child, inform the principal of the school, in writing. It is in your best interests to keep the letter brief, as shown in the sample letter. No "homeschooling form" or registration of any kind is required by law. It isn't necessary to notify the school if your children have never been enrolled in your school district.

Once your child has been officially withdrawn from the school system, public education system officials (including the Board of Education, the superintendent, the principal, and teachers) have no jurisdiction over your homeschooled child. School officials have no right, without a court order, to enter your home, or to review your lesson plans, assignments, or curriculum materials. Homeschoolers are not required to provide any such materials at any time.


I don't think it matters if the student were suspended or not. That issue might come into play if the family decides to re-enroll the student back in the public system. But it should not play a role in taking a student out of the public system.

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Ok thanks everyone, that is what I found too, but I am new to the state and wanted to be sure. I feel so sorry for the mom, she called me from work crying because he tells her one story and the school has another and basically she knows he is lying. :( I told her he needs to be tomato staked...not as punishment but as guidance until they can get things under control.

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