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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Happy Tuesday! I actually feel ready to tackle today. We'll see how long that lasts.


Clean kitchen



Pay the bills I was supposed to pay yesterday and didn't.

Ds is not doing anything until the cat's litter box is sparkling. He's not happy about it but then I'm not happy at the state it is in.

Swim lessons for dd11



Paint cat's bathroom again? I'm finding it very difficult to get motivated to do this. . .


School specials:

Ds15 - History/Lit. essay.

Geometry seminar


Dd11 - history reading




grocery shopping - spaghetti squash, oranges, bananas

check pantry to see if I have coconut milk. If I don't add it to the list.

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Coming in late!


I got done today:


3 loads of laundry

1 load of dishes

sat with my new 10 year and helped him write out 3 thank you cards (and built legos)

Started a roast in the crock pot

Cleaned someone else's house



To do yet:


Sit and play on the computer.

Eat dinner.

Head to TKD later tonight

Maybe run to target to pick up a script and a belt for my youngest so he can wear his new quiver to archery. :) He's so excited! It's fancy!



We are off school for the week. We take birthday weeks off in our home. I have an extra house this week, so it's not a week off for me. But, I'm so grateful that I don't have to worry about school for this week seeing as I do have extra work. It worked out nicely. :)

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