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today is....


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Not going well.


I woke up to discover that I could see my breath. Something went wrong with the boiler--we heat with hot water/forced air--at some point in the night. It is 25 degrees outside. My husband is at work until 8 am tomorrow.


Then my best friend called to tell me that our other friend from high school and college died unexpectedly this morning.


And now my two year old had started vomiting.


I really just want to crawl back under the covers and eat cheesecake.

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:grouphug: :grouphug: I'm right there with you. A very dear friend with leukemia who really needs to resume his chemo, can't because he's so weak. Meanwhile, we are about to be hit with a mega storm, and I have four vomitting menfolk (12.5, 14.5, 16, and 48) in my house. I'm still standing and pray I continue because one of them looks like he may end up at the ER on IV's and zofran.


Ds can hardly stand and dh is only slightly better. DD isn't here to help. The city has been hammered and she's five hours late getting off shift - the medical director issued iv kits and zofran to all of the medics to have for personal use...They need them to rehydrate and keep working if they come down with this. Of course, you know all about that!


I would LOVE to eat cheesecake with you. However, my philosophy once the first person started with it yesterday was to NOT eat anymore. I'm very hungry!


Commisserating with you,


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It turns out my friend was murdered by her boyfriend. It is gruesome so I won't share details, but I ak having a rough night.

On top of the miscarriage two weeks ago.

And then my son got his head stuck in the arms of a plastic chair and I had to call the fire department to cut him out.


I really just want to go to bed. My husband will be home tomorrow. I cannot wait.

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