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Would You Keep or Cancel Dr. Appt?

Hunter's Moon

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I started a new job that requires me to be on my feet the whole time. Because I take the bus, I wear my boots there and just keep them on (easier than carrying bulky sneakers). After the first few days, my right knee was causing me a lot of pain. It was towards the inside of the leg and felt like the hinge (?) was inflamed. It hurts to lift it, bend it at a certain angle.


I recently bought some inserts for the shoes that help with knee pain, and also started wrapping it before going to work.


I have today and tomorrow off so made an appt for tomorrow afternoon. Today, my knee feels a lot better. I think the inserts really helped, and I know my boots were lacking support.


Would you cancel the appt or keep it? The next day I have off is next week, and I already have another dr appt scheduled that day.


I don't want to go in tomorrow if my knee is getting better because of the insert, but I also don't want to cancel the appt and have it hurting me again when I go back into work on Thursday.



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If I was going to the Chiropractor, I would keep the appointment because it is usually helpful even when something start feeling a little better. If it was a regular doctor, I'd probably cancel but because I've found they're less helpful with solving problems such as that.

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I'd cancel. Since you just started the job, being on your feet all day is an adjustment. But it seems your body is making those adjustment well- some pain at first but with the addition of inserts and wrapping the knee, it's getting better. Do you have a locker at work? Might help to keep some shoes there that are well suited for being on your feet all day.


When I started my part time job, I was in good shape physically...biking and walking daily. But being on my feet all day, on a hard floor, was an adjustment that took about a month. My feet, back, and legs hurt. Now, no big deal.

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