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Suggestions for Read-aloud Titles about Princesses who. . .

La Condessa

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. . . are really good and honorable and honest? Like The Princess and the Goblin, and how Irene insists that a princess must always keep her word.



A bit ago I overheard my daughter saucily informing my husband that she is a princess, and so she doesn't have to do what he tells her.

(He informed her that he is the King.)

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Some of our favorite princess books besides The Little Princess which your princess might be too young to enjoy.


Melisande by E. Nesbit. You'll need to find used or in the library. Wonderful bald princess that saves her kingdom although she needs some rescuing herself. This one goes well after a version of Sleeping Beauty because a plot point is related to fairy gifts.

Dove Isabeau by Jane Yolen - virtuous princess (lady) turned into a prince-eating dragon by an evil step-mother. Different but good. The prince saves her then she saves the prince.

Midas and the Golden Touch by Charolette Craft - the princess has a smaller part, but she is a great contrast to her father's greed: she wants roses while he wants gold.

Cinderella by K.Y. Craft - this is a beautifully illustrated version. Cinderella is good and kind and lovely, as usual. She is a perfect kind of princess.


We love illustrated stories, and these capture a little girl's imagination as well as tell a good tale with good characters.

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