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Will you share your favorite Dr. Seuss activity?

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I'm planning Dr. Seuss activities for a co-op type setting. We will be meeting outdoors and have about half the group as non-writers. That eliminates many of the activities I'm seeing online. I'd love to hear about games or simple, but fun art projects. Anything related to Dr. Seuss that we can do in the park. The group is primarily 5-8 year olds.

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For a few bucks you can grab a bag of smooth stones from the craft store, and have a stacking contest (Yertle the Turtle). See who can stack the highest.


You can do bingo using characters or (if they're reading, use rhymes -- the bingo ball can read -op, and anyone with a square saying "hop" or "pop" etc gets to mark off that square).


Or memory, with green eggs and ham on one side and characters or rhyming word matches on the other side. Laminated, or not.


Pin the bow-tie on the Cat? Attach a printout or poster to a tree, and give them a duct tape red bow. Or pin the heart on the Grinch.


You can do shadow sillouettes with sidewalk chalk, as in The Shape of Me. Maybe have each kid bring/hold something or strike a unique pose around the playground.


Bobbing for fish is an easy one.


What about seeing how high you can grow the Cat's hat? Cut out some red and white strips, and add one for each "thing/idea" the kids come up with. I'd say adjectives, but with that age ... maybe characters they can name from Seuss books? Each one they give you write it on a strip and add it to the hat. See how how many stripes they can add to the Cat's hat. I guess I'd draw the Cat's face and bowtie on a white posterboard, and add the stripes to that.


In that same vein, you can do hat self-portraits. Print out or paste onto white paper a hat and bowtie, leaving space for them to draw in their own faces.

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