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Testing Reading Comprehension

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My oldest son is 17 and can read fine. He has good phonic awareness, can read at age level, can spell fine but he can not remember what he reads. I have just started V/V with him and I purchased the language wise book to read.


Does anyone have a recommendation for testing reading comprehension and giving a correlating grade that I can give to him and to my tutoring students that is fairly accurate? (I am starting to tutor 4 students for free in March)


I would like to test listening comprehension as well as silent reading comprehension. Also does anyone have any programs or recommendations for addressing that for my students and my son?

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You might want to look at the McCall-Crabbs booklets for comprehension assessment. These are pretty well known, and you get a lot, considering their modest cost. They would be my first choice (based on what little I know -- someone may have better ideas!!)




Here is something I saw at RR, but I am not familiar with it -- Scholastic 3 Minute Reading Assessments




I just got this -- Grade Placement Test from Curriculum Associates -- maybe someone else can comment (I haven't used it yet).




ETA Some of the reading assessments done by school/teachers require a large library of specific readers, and they are not cheap!


Here is a list of reading levels by grade (to 8th grade only).


http://schoolwires.h...Level Chart.pdf


You might be able to make a very rough approximation of reading level by seeing what books your ds can understand, starting at level Z. (Libraries often have books by reading level.) But it would be such an informal way of testing that it might not provide you with very reliable info.


Oh, I see you are using V&V -- great program, my favorite. You might also want to look at Achieve3000, not my favorite, but throwing it out there anyway. You can try at home for one month, free.

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