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DARPA - STEM computer programming

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Ds has been interested in DARPA after seeing this TED talk:


We saw this posted by DARPA last week and ds has been having a lot of fun with it. I thought others here might have interested students as well. :)




In the 2006 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) comparison, American students ranked 21st out of 30 in science literacy among students from developed countries. The President’s Educate to Innovate campaign seeks to improve the participation and performance of America’s students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).


One way DARPA supports the Educate to Innovate campaign is through the Computer Science – STEM (CS-STEM) program. CS-STEM seeks to help close the science literacy gap by creating online, collaborative networks of students that encourage CS education and skills through compelling games.


The Computer Science Student Network (CS2N) is an online network developed by DARPA performer Carnegie Mellon University to help students and teachers learn to solve computer science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (CS-STEM) problems. Students may create accounts and learn CS skills to create animations, program virtual robots, build video games and more – all through fun and engaging activities.


One of the most compelling features of the web application allows students to develop prototype software to control commercially available robots in virtual worlds without actually needing a physical robot. Thus, multiple students can develop software for a single robot or software development can be done at home and tested at school. CS2N also offers scenarios that allow students to develop software to control multiple robots interoperating with each other (multi-robot communications). At the same time, the site provides tutorials on the underlying mathematics and engineering concepts required for software/hardware development.
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Thanks, Heather. I didn't know DARPA did educational things, and CS is an area Button would like but for which I don't have much lined up. Will look at it. Do you have a feel for the target ages?



I wasn't sure, but I found this on the website under FAQ:


What is the typical grade level for students using SAM?

SAM Animation is generally targeted towards children in kindergarten and up.


What is the typical grade level of students using Alice 2?

Alice 2 is generally targeted towards children in sixth grade and up.


What is the typical grade level of students using Alice 3?

Alice 3 is generally targeted towards children in tenth grade and up.



ETA: This page http://www.cs2n.org/teachers has specific grade recommendations for activities.

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