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easy latin readers with pictures?


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One of my DS loves having DH read to him from the Oxford Latin Course, which has comics with Latin text. DH's Latin is good enough that he can read it out loud and then translate as necessary without needing to look anything up (my Latin, on the other hand, is, shall we say, in a part of my brain that is not accessible at the moment). We are looking for other readers along those lines. DS is only 3.5, so we're not looking to start him on formal studies--he seems to like the immersion reading and has picked up quite a bit. We have Winnie ille Pu and Harrius Potter, but the former doesn't have pictures and he is obviously too young for the latter! We both learned Latin with college textbooks, and we didn't intend to start Latin this early with any of our children. But since DH and DS3 seem to enjoy this special bonding time, we'd like to find more books to read.


So far, I've seen the "I am Reading Latin" books (Quot Animalia etc), but I am wondering if they are more just single words, rather than sentences, at least from what I could see in the Amazon preview. DS likes the Oxford book because there is a little story on each page. I though Minimus Latin might be more promising for what I'm looking for? At least from Amazon, it looks a little more like the book they are reading right now. I've also seen the Dr. Seuss translations and am wondering if they would be worth getting (Cat in the Hat, Grinch that Stole Christmas)


Any other suggestions for basic Latin readers?


**Yes, I know about Song School Latin, but seems to be more vocabulary acquisition, rather than immersion. Also, we are total music snobs (pretty much a classical-only household) and really can't stand the folksy, strumming guitar accompaniment.

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