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Thinking of trying You Need a Budget (again)


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I personally love it. In fact, I'd say I'm obsessed. I've spent hours playing with my budget, scouring the YNAB message boards looking for ideas, re-categorizing my categories... just because I enjoy it. Which, quite honestly, is weird for me to say, because I used to hate thinking about money (especially when I have so little to spare!).


I use YNAB in pretty much the 'official' way. I have a buffer, I spend last month's money, I build rainy day funds and my emergency fund. I keep track of all our student loans and their due dates in there too, so I can funnel money over when needed.


If you have any specific questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them to the best of my ability. You're able to try it out for 30 days without having to buy it (which is a great deal), so it's easy peasy to try it out and see if you (still) are interested in the program. There are also some great classes on how to use it if you're confused about anything.

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No personal experience with YNAB but I wanted to encourage you with your budgeting efforts. If you're consistent to track your spending and use the first few months to tweak your budget it can be such a helpful tool. And then be sure to re-visit the budget every few months to see if it still fits you or if changes need to be made to it or to your spending habits.


Good luck!

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