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Tarbuck Earth Science 11th ed

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I've been looking for resources to go along with the Tarbuck Earth Science text that's been suggested here. I did a search for past threads and came up with some wonderful suggestions and resources (and a great poster who was willing to share her syllabus - thanks!). I also went a-Googlin' (like a-wassailin' but with less singing and imbibing... :D ) and found a few resources that I didn't see on any of the older threads so I'd thought I'd share. Forgive me if someone has already shared some or all of these and I just didn't see - I'm not sure if my forum search turned up ALL the old threads.


*Note: These resources are for the 11th ed of the text. It seemed to be the one with the most free resources (and it's cheaper 'cause it's older).



This is a completely free text companion website from Pearson. No sign-up, no login needed - nothing! It has resources for each chapter including section quizzes and a chapter test.



Syllabus for a community college using the text.



Syllabus from Ohio State.



Great webpage with lots of resources but a pain to navigate.



Syllabus from Thomas Edison State College.

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These are three of the threads that came up when I did a search. I don't know if there are any other links in them but some great discussion about how folks did earth science for high school. There are a few posters that mention having created a syllabus to go along with the text. If you PM them, they might be willing to share. :)


If you'd like more, just type "Tarbuck" into the search bar (at the right-hand top of the screen) and it will come up with posts containing that word in the high school forum.

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