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Read aloud for topic of slavery/underground RR

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I'm trying to zero in on one really good read aloud (for my 3rd grade DD) to add to our history reading list for this year. I've been browsing lots of lists but having trouble either finding what I'm looking for or knowing if the books I'm seeing are very good.


So, I am looking for a historical fiction book with the setting/topic of either the Underground Railroad specifically or 19th century slavery (pre-Civil war) in general. My daughter has enjoyed listening to some more "challenging" read alouds this year (Witch of Blackbird Pond, Carry on Mr. Bowditch, Birchbark House, etc), so I am not afraid to aim on the higher side as far as difficulty level, but what I do want to avoid is something with lots of gruesome details. My daughter is fine with books mentioning death, injury etc but what does bother her is detailed descriptions of bloody stuff. :laugh:


Any suggestions? A couple I found that I thought looked somewhat interesting were Brady by Jean Fritz or Stealing Freedom by Elisa Carbone...but I just found those randomly (not from any recommended list) so I am not 100% sure how high quality or age appropriate they are.



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I used a picture book- The Patchwork Path for part of my lesson the other week on the Underground Railroad. I had found some lesson plans which asked for a journal entry and sample quilt patch that your family would make, with symbols, etc. Anyways, so we used that book and I also had Under the Quilt of Night to look at. The American Girl Addy series would be a good one to look at too. However, I know my answers aren't referring to an actual historical fiction book, which we didn't find either. After we are finished with the Civil War, we'll do Reconstruction, and I'm thinking of using Janie's Freedom as a read aloud. I debated even reading Uncle Tom's Cabin, which I do want to do, but I may wait for the next round of history.

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The whole American Girl Addy series. I am a big fan of all the American Girl historical fiction, but I think Addy is arguably the best series of the whole collection.


My daughter also liked a book we found in the library that was a Civil War/Underground Railroad story told from the perspective of a doll (Hattie's travels I think?)

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