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Anyone know the mystery town in "The Gentle Hand" story from McGuffey's 5th Reader

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I've noticed this a lot in older stories, like Les Miserables which I'm reading right now. I always figured it was in fictional stories when the author wanted to make it seem like a real place without referring to an actual city or making up a name. That way astute readers wouldn't fixate on details that might not match that actual city and the author woudn't have to be geographically accurate. Or if the author wanted the story to transcend a specific location so it would be more applicable or accessible to the reader in some way. Now I want to go look it up!

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My daughter asked the same thing when we read that story. I like that one. :) There's a poem by Jean Ingelow in a few lessons. I downloaded Mopsa the Fairy onto my Kindle after my daughter asked about it in the author description. It was one of my favorite read-alouds that we've done.

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