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Standardized Test - 1st Grade

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I have to give a standardized test this year to my 1st grader to meet state requirements. My older kids were all, well, older when we moved to VA, so this was not an issue for them. :glare: It appears that the cheapest/easiest option at this time will be the CAT for $25 through either Seton or Christian Liberty Press. Does anyone know of another option that might be cheaper? I'm really not expecting anything from this test, other than to check off the box for the county school board! Although I have gotten some good information from some of the testing my older kids have done, I really can't imagine the same will be true here (he can read and he can do age level math - I'm happy!), so I am looking for cheap and simple!!


Thank you!

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Thanks. I was all set to pay that for each of my kids, until I found the Stanford 10 test online for between $10 and $13 depending on the test (reading and math, abbreviated batter, full length test). http://education.pearsonassessments.com/haiweb/cultures/en-us/productdetail.htm?pid=SAT10Online&Community=EA_PreK-12_API_Achievement That only covers grades 3-12, though. Such a silly hoop to jump through, anyway, with a 7 year old!!!


Thanks for the input. :)

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