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Science issue?

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I need science for my 7th grader next year.

He has already done Apologia General. I really want him to do Physical in 8th grade, just because it fits better with my high school plan.

He just did Ellen McHenry Chem this year.

I think I am looking for something that doesn't exist. I would like a program that is as inexpensive as Ellen Mc. (or under $60). It would be great if it was in ebook form, or at least easily ship-able. It would be best if it was YE, but I could deal with not, if necessary.

Am I dreaming? I know if this program exists, one of the Hive will know. This site is THE BEST--thanks for feeding my addiction :)



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I finally gave up and am building my own. I am using

CK-12 Flex book for dd12 main text. http://www.ck12.org/...-Middle-School/

RS4K Middle Grades Phyics, http://www.gravitasp...-school-physics

pulling experiments from the Apologia Physical Text

additional reading from World of Science http://www.amazon.co...n/dp/0890516189

and I am spending the bulk of the money on Hands on Kits (not sure which ones yet) Since I either already have or got the resources fairly cheap (CK-12 is online free) I can devote more money to the good stuff!

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