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If you had five hours to yourself..


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What would you do? Life has been pretty stressful lately and my MIL knows need a break. She's coming tomorrow from 12-5 to give me some time myself. I'm so excited!!!


I'm trying figure out how to spend the time. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to go to a movie. I really miss going to the movies. There isn't a bookstore in town but I was thinking about eating somewhere while reading.


Any other thoughts??

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Think of the thing you liked to before you had children.


I love to go thrift store shopping, I cannot do it with children-- they make me lose my train of thought.


I like to go to the library, I can choose a book and browse without having to watch people.


Last week I saw a movie by myself---I would have never guessed that I would have liked as much as I did (being alone at the movies)


Go to the coffee shop and have a coffee with a danish and NOT SHARE--while you read a book.


Get your hair done.

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If were talking about something outside the house I'd probably go to some thrift stores or used book store. Sitting in a starbucks with a coffee and a good book sounds lovely right now too. Now that I think about it have have never done either alone, well I have never sat in a starbucks either. lol

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Are Vodka and cheese cake out of the question? I'd:

Thrift shop

Peruse all the skin care stuff at the drugstore I never get to

Get a rich coffee and a book and read it in the car at a park, a deserted park, with no children!

Come back home with gum or a trinket for the kids and gush how much I missed them with my fingers crossed behind my back.

Thank MIL profusely



Can you tell I need to get out?

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I'd start with gardening (I find it relaxing and focusing), followed by a bubble bath with champagne and raspberries. Do my hair and makeup without kids around, dress to the nines, read a book in the park with coffee, and wander around the antique store looking for something pretty to go on my mantel.


My in-laws are visiting next week. Maybe I can actually pull this off! :drool5:

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A little scrapbook shopping and then some scrapbooking. I hate naps!! They feel like such a waste of time and I always feel groggy afterwards. Do you need new clothes? I find it so hard to get shopping done--maybe go clothes shopping?? Gosh, if I had 5 hours of free time, it would be expensive!

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uninterrupted shower followed by actually blow-drying my hair

nice outfit that won't end up with sticky hands on it plus earrings

Starbucks (and a scone I don't have to share!)

movie w/popcorn

thrift store shopping


Exactly this! Minus earrings :)

In reality I usually wander around wondering and waste my precious alone time.

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