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Weight loss yoga

Just Another Jen

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Yes, which video? I did one recently and liked it quite a bit. It didn't seem like it was doing much at the time, but the next day...ow. LOL


I did Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss w/Suzanne Deason (Gaiam. Recommended by someone here, I think!)


I've rec'd it. It moves slowly and is progressive, so it doesn't feel like there's alot - but I'm stronger and am losing weight with it. and those twists . . . . bridge pose didn't used to bother me, now that I'm stronger, and going up further, I can't wait for it to be over . . . . and when I don't do them, my abdominals are saying - wait a minute, something is missing . . . . I have muscle groups that "tingle" because they know they were worked.


drink lots of water to help everything move out. the pain and stiffness is from lactic acid build up.

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