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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning! Are you ready to rumble?!


Clean kitchen

Laundry again. . . what's new?


School specials:

Ds15 - Sigh. This kid is slacking off again. . . Need to address that. And sit down with him in history/lit. seminar and explain to him exactly why I"m not accepting a "book report" that he could have written in 5th grade as a 10th grade literary analysis. Double sigh.


Dd11 - She's on a roll, right now. Woo hoo! (For as long as it lasts. . . )

History reading.



Continue to work on kitchen measurements.


Chiropractor at 2:30

Swim lessons


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Thursday is our out day (skating lessons then hanging out with friend at the rink)


Maths and meals

Laundry - 2 loads, one morning, one evening

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I got off to a good start this morning - quiet time, workout, had my breakfast, trash taken out, and kitchen straightened up by 6am (I fell asleep in my day clothes last night I was so tired!). Then I made blueberry muffins for everyone else's breakfast. School with my 8yo has been crazy. He is so unfocused!

Other things I need to do today:

1. vacuum

2. put laundry away

3. clean bathrooms

4. change sheets


The weather is changing our science plans for today - we were supposed to make a sundial, but it is cloudy and rainy off and on. We are going to run a Popinas (Roman take-out restaurant) for lunch.


Hopefully I don't crash this afternoon, but I guess if I do the boys can watch the next couple of episodes of Drive-Thru History. This pregnancy is doing crazy things with my sleep schedule.

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I just have some tiding to do, several little jobs. Then a bit of packing at after lunch we the kids and I are heading to my Mother's for the weekend.


I do have to find something to wear to a funeral. My brain hurts trying to correct write out the family connect to the funeral. So I'll draw a map


My brother -> his wife -> her father -> his mother died


It's not a really sad occasion. I'm going to visit people who are flying in for the funeral.

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I'm taking a break from cleaning since our EI service coordinator rescheduled today's visit to next week. I was in a panic trying to figure out where I was going to stash the toddler bed that's sitting in our kitchen right now. My husband will be helping me take apart and move the crib that the bed will replace, but not until tomorrow. I was considering sticking it on my bed, and didn't know how I was going to do that. So, phew.


I'm going to finish the last remaining dishes.


I'm relieved of laundry duty for the day, because the dryer needs to be taken apart tomorrow.


I need to bring in more wood before this storm hits, because we're supposed to get a propane delivery tomorrow and I'd like to avoid turning the heat on if I can help it.


The rabbits need fresh water bottles. Oops, just realized I forgot to do that when the birds went out this morning!


Scrub the kitchen table and floor.


Sort a few more puzzles and toys so that the rooms look less disastrous after the furniture has been rearranged.


Get dinner in the crockpot. Oops on this too, I should have done that already!


We need to do a couple crafty odds and ends for schoolwork.



I have already:

Finished most of the schoolwork

Vacuumed a lot

Sorted outgrown clothes from things that fit

Collected all the magnets throughout the house and stuck them back on the fridge

Gathered assorted library books back to the proper shelf


Done one load of laundry

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What a day...


We left at 7:20am to go with dh to his follow up appointment for a work related injury. We spent 2.5 hours there! Exhausting!


Regardless, done:

- dh's appointment, got him sent to work

- bills paid and mailed

-went to bank

-picked up a few things at Walmart

-breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes done

-dried clothes put away

- small girl is showered

- changed our bed sheets

- English and art done

-house picked up


Nothing left to do tonight!

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Angi, we can scream together. I hear that people pay big money to do that in certain kinds of therapy. :rofl:


My 3 pm report -


Chiro appointment done. He confirmed what my pain levels had already told me. I'm in a flare.


Ran to store next door and got some kale. I ran out today.


Math with dd done. She is doing so well in 5th grade fractions!


Going to swim lessons in 5 minutes.

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