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Just what I needed today


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Super homeschool day! My son chose to write a story. He is a very reluctant writer. He sat down at the computer and produced a great piece. He incorporated styles and ideas of several of our read alouds. All my worry that exposing him to good writing wasn't enough to turn him into a good writer disappeared. I love that reading to him is still my most effective teaching method. He was willing to accept gentle editing help and made several changes on his own. Spelling and grammar were great.

We then read in SOTW about knights. After we finished he assembled a knight costume and has been playing for hours.

Great day a reminder of why I am doing this.

I love seeing my son grow and learn.

This is his story because I am so proud.


A Sailor's Journey



One fine day in 1979 at 15 degrees latitude and 45 degrees longitude the trading ship Young was sailing from Nova Scotia to Bordeaux. Then the worst possible thing happened. A terrible storm hit the Young at 6:00 am on October 12. One of the sailors was flung off the ship by the wind and waves. The other sailors stood dumbfounded by the storm. They had sailed this route at least 10,000 times and had never run into trouble! Until the watchman yelled, "MAN OVERBOARD!!!" at the top of his lungs the others didn't realized that they were missing a man. They rushed to find a life preserver and threw it to the drowning sailor. The sailor could neither see nor get to the life preserver because of the waves. The whole company of sailors panicked and didn't know what to do! Until Captain Young came on deck. He yelled to his crew, " Find a rope me hearties, a rope!" The crew found a rope and threw it to the sailor. He grabbed on and all the sailors on deck pulled. They finally succeeded in pulling the sailor back on deck. That sailor just happened to be me.

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