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Great 1st computer program for toddlers I wanted to share :)


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Just wanted to share an awesome computer program I found!


I got it from Rainbow last Sept. and started it with my then 1.5 y.o. We began on the 'baby' part of it. SOOOOO cute!!! It only took about a week (10-15 minutes a day) for my LO to get it.

And it IS educational! Not just a game. The ' part toddler' is even better. They do matching shapes & letters, very simple counting (1-5), grouping similar items (animals, numbers). Not any pressure to actually understand the numbers, just to see the matching number and put them together.Lots of singing.

LO sees siblings work on the computer during school and so naturally wants to do it too. The program makes it so that the child can push any key on the board and something will happen. Same with the mouse. I wish I found this years ago.

I had been looking at another baby software on Rainbow that was around $20! This one is only $8! I do limit her computer time to 2-3 times a week and no more than 15 minutes at a time. I want to keep it special. Hope this helps someone. :)

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Yep! We love Reader Rabbit Toddler (we haven't played Baby). We first discovered it on the kids' computer at the library when DS was 2 and then bought our own copy. DS hasn't used a mouse yet, but we have a tablet computer so he could play it with his fingers or the stylus. The library computer has a mouse but it also has a touch screen monitor.

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