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Grade 4 Plans


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Saw a thread going for 3rd grade and 5th grade, let's get one going for 4th. What are your plans for next year?


Mine so far....


Religion: Catechism study and Memoria Press (MP) Christian Studies II


Math: Singapore Math (w/CWP and IP) and Beast Academy


Language Arts: Latin Christina

All About Spelling

MP Classical Composition Fable (maybe online class)

MP Grammar (to go with Latin Christina)

MP Literature and Kolbe literature for kids to read

Ambleside for read alouds


Art: Artistic Pursuits and artist studies


History/Geo: MP Famous Men of Rome (supplemented w/picture books for fun), MP Geo I, MP timeline


Music: Piano lessons


Science- undecided!!!! May a supplemented Elemental Science Physics

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Loose plans--I don't commit to much until summer. We school year round and generally just move to the next level as we go though I promote grade levels in the fall.


So, this is for ds who will be 9 in the Fall:


Math: Singapore 4/BA 3/4 (if 4 is out??)

Religion: Dh does catechism

History: SOTW 4 (no activity guide) and I'll be putting together a government/geography program as well.

Science: I don't do formal science for this one since he spends most of his free time reading science books

Language Arts: Copywork/dictation/vocab with McGuffey 2/3, WRTR for spelling, poetry memorization

Art: He is a natural artist and draws for a lot of his free time. We'll continue with Drawing Textbook and maybe do some online painting stuff.

Music: Violin lessons


ETA: I forgot Latin--his favorite subject! We use Cambridge which is four-level and plenty advanced so we're not rushing it. We'll probably finish 1 and move into 2 over the course of next year.

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My oldest will be in 4th next year ... Wow! I'm kinda undecided about a few things, but here's what I am thinking about so far:


History: Continue US History studies, post-Civil War to present -- literature based, using plans I'll make

US geography: Review states and learn capitals

Spelling: Logic of English Essentials, 2nd time through with advanced lists

Grammar: Maybe do the grammar from LOE (we've skpped most of it this year), possibly check out other options

Writing: I'm really intrigued by Write On! ... I'll definitely be spending time researching writing options. We haven't done any formal writing instruction yet.

Math: Leaning toward doing Math Mammoth. We've done mostly RightStart, and are currently taking a "break" from RS D to do Math Mammoth 3B. Right now DD says she is liking MM better

Science: BFSU Vol 2 (as a family) + maybe the next volume of Sassafras Science for her independently?

Bible: Not sure if I will assign her a Bible study or if it will just be Bible reading

Music: continue guitar lessons, possibly consider starting a wind instrument

Other Extras: Twice a month co-op for art, PE and additional science. Possibly recreational gymnastics class or other recreational sports opportunities.

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Here's what I have lined up so far:


MATH: Singapore Primary 4A and 4B with IP and CWP


SPELLING: Finish SWO D and start E

WRITING: CW Aesop and dictation

LITERATURE: Lots of library books - list still tbd

HISTORY: Ancients - books tbd

SCIENCE: He wants to study animals again - resources tbd


LOGIC: BTS 2 and whatever else I find on the shelf that he hasn't done yet.

ART: I'll make and print out lessons from artprojectsforkids.org again and maybe try a few 1-2-3 Draw lessons

MUSIC: Something to do with musical instruments - using library resources

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Oh, finally another one I can join :)


We will just continue the next level of everything:


Rod and Staff grade 4: spelling, math, English, penmanship


Latina Christiana


Story of the World 2 w/A.G.


WTM style Science at home: earth/space using Memoria Press's Astronomy, Usborne Science Encyclopedia and Arty Facts Space and Art and Earth and Art books (notebooking for science, rock collection, and any activities that come up. And using the art/science books for art projects to go along) There is usually also a co-op science class, but I don't know what they will use yet.


Art: besides above, we will continue using Usborne Intro to Art and Famous Artists books along w/history, and doing lots of drawing using skills we have picked up from DWC over the years. We take at least one 6 week after school program art class a year too. Don't know what they will offer.. Sometimes co-op has a class too.


Memoria Press Christian Studies II (when we finish I, probably at some point in the fall..)


Memory work will be the kings of England and continue to practice previous year's history lists, one Shakespeare sonnet, Bible verses and poems during the year when we get them in.


Then she has Girl Scouts and Tap, Ballet, and Jazz for the entire school year, and swim lessons in the summer.

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We technically started our school year in January, but according to the school system ds will be 4th grade in the fall. Here is our current curriculum (still working out the kinks!)


Religion: devotional of his choice (currently Sword Fighting), SOAP Bible study, Character Quality study using www.characterjournal.com and memorizing Bible verses that go with each quality


Math: Math Mammoth blue series


Language Arts: memory work from Living Memory, copywork of memory work selections to continue cursive practice using www.worksheetworks.com, Writing Road to Reading for spelling, WWE style of writing using our own selections, I just ordered All Things Fun and Fascinating from IEW, grammar with a mix of Blue Book of Grammar and KISS grammar


Latin: continue with Getting Started with Latin (not sure what we will do when we finish), a scholastic e-book on Latin/Greek roots


Logic: a scholastic e-book of Logic problems


History: Mystery of History with some added books/ supplements


Science: Magic School Bus DVD science with the science supplement


Piano lessons


Art: he chooses a handicraft to work on (currently origami)


at least 30 minutes of free reading per day, read aloud practice using McGuffey readers, and read alouds after lunch and/or in the evening


I am also going to attempt some parts of Beyond Five in a Row with him when we have extra time in the afternoon

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I've about finalized everything, as I want to order books soon. :D



Foreign Language - Memoria Press First Form Latin, Skoldo French 2


Math - Singapore 4, Saxon 65, Life of Fred G-L


Science - Elemental Science Chemistry, Ellen McHenry's Elements and Carbon Chemistry


English - Galore Park Jr. English 3, Writing Tales 2, Sequential Spelling 2, Pentime 4, Kolbe Elementary Lit, finish Practice Island


World History - Memoria Press Book of the Ancient World, Connect the Thoughts Prehistory - Phoenecians


American History - Pearson's History and Geography 4 (American Revolution - Reformers,) Memoria Press States and Capitals


Outsourced - art classes, gymnastics, swim lessons, maybe adding acting and tennis

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4th grade will largely be a continuation of what we're doing now...


Math: Prealgebra of some sort (I have AoPS Prealgebra, Dolciani Prealgebra, and Jacobs Algebra here to utilize)

Grammar: R&S English 5

Writing: Alternate between second half of IEW SWI-A, WWE3, and R&S English writing lessons

Spelling: R&S Spelling 4 and 5 (we'll finish half of 4 this year in 3rd)

Handwriting: Pentime 3 and start 4 (we'll start 3 in another month, I think)

Latin: 2nd half of Getting Started With Latin

History/Literature/Read-Alouds: Sonlight Core E

Science: General Science, library books, maybe throw in some Ellen McHenry stuff (we're enjoying "The Brain" right now)

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Not completely 100% yet but here is what we have in the works for 4th.


Bible: Bible Reading, Catechisms and thinking of Stick Figuring Through the Bible

Mathematics: Singapore SE 4A/4B with CWP and IP 3A

Spelling: WRTR

Grammar: R&S English 4

Writing: WWE, Copywork from McGuffey's, and written narrations for history, science, and literature, journals, and pen pals.

McGuffey's reading plus daily line for copywork

WWE (1 a day --- we do copywork for 2 days) so this is for 5 days a week

Narrations: History, once a week, Science, once a week, literature, when we finish a book

Pen pals: Once a week

Journal Entry: Fridays


History: SOTW Vol.4 (debating Biblioplan again).

Science: Elemental Chemistry with interest led rabbit trails

Literature: Lists that I have created from SOTW, WTM, Sonlight, Memoria, Books Children Love, Great Books, Mensa, etc.

Logic: Critical Thinking Company

Handwriting: not sure yet, doing WRTR cursive (he needs help though) so I am considering going back to HWOT and/or getting a cursive copywork book. Not sure.

Logic: Prima Latina going into Christiana Latin

Art: Artistic Pursuits K-3 Book 2

Music: Piano lessons



Oh, I also have FUFI which I might use....we are planning on reading all of the Chronicles of Narnia this year as well as the Lord of the Rings....

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Math: Singapore 4A/B and Beast Academy 3C-4B

Religion: Faith and Life 4

History: RC History vol 3/ SOTW 2 with lots of library books

Language Arts: still debating, but probably MCT Island. Maybe some IEW assignments from history/science sources?

Also, spelling bee prep?

Science: 2nd half of BSFU vol 1 with lots of bonus stuff from daddy and nature center classes

Foreign language?

Maybe Beautiful Feet geography?

Art: Artistic Pursuits?

Music: Maybe we'll really do formal piano lessons. Now they're unschooling music and learning a lot more than I would have taught them.

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Math: Singapore Math 4 w/CWP

Language Arts: MCT Island

History & Literature: Sonlight Core E (Core 4)

Science: WTM-style study of chemistry and physics (I'm still trying to decide on a spine & booklist)

French: L'art de Lire 5 & 6

Art: Artistic Pursuits K-3, Book 3

Music: Piano lessons & harp lessons (theoretically as we have neither a harp nor a teacher at this point)

Extras: Ballet and gymnastics

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Math: Saxon 54

Language Arts: FLL 4 and Writing with Ease 3

History: Sonlight Core E and CC cycle 2

Science: Christian Kids Explore following the subjects covered in CC cycle 2

Latin: Prima Latina

Spelling: Apples and Pears

Handwriting: Queen's primers and book A for cursive



Art class and tumbling

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Here are our 4th grade plans:


Math: Saxon 54, Tables/Squares/Cubes for drill, multiplication flashcards, Trivium Tables

Logic: Building Thinking Skills 2

Greek: Hey Andrew 4

Latin: LNST 4, Trivium Tables

Spelling: Spelling Plus (Level F and G)

Grammar: Essentials of the English Language and Dictation Resource Book, Trivium Tables

Writing: Pre-Scripts Sentences and Passages, IEW History based writing

Reading: Literature list from Writing Road to Reading and Veritas Press, Teaching the Classics terms, McCall Crabbs Book D for comprehension, McGuffey 4th Reader

Geography: CC Maps and maybe Draw Your World, Trivium Tables

History: Acts and Facts Timeline Cards, memory work, History Highlights, SOTW, Veritas Press

Science: Acts and Facts Science Cards, nature study, Lyrical Science, Janice Van Cleave's 201 Experiments book

Fine Arts: Drawing With Children, Foundations guide, Discovering Great Artists, Classical Music for Dummies

Bible: Veritas Press


Tons of living books and reference books to flesh all this out......Possible CC lapbooking using A Journey Through Learning and Wisdom and Righteousness in the summer, Homeschool Curriculum Co. Science units in summer


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Thanks for starting this thread. I like seeing what others are doing and getting ideas. Here's our plan so far:


READING INSTRUCTION: Barton (book 8 and possibly 9)

SPELLING: lists from the Barton lessons

LITERATURE: I'm thinking he will finally be at a point where he can read some more challenging (for him) books, we'll see how this goes and use library books on anything he wants to read. Really, I'd be so happy just to see him choose longer chapter books, be able to read them, and want to read them



MATH: Singapore 4A/4B, CWP 4

HISTORY: native American study from library books, Homeschool in the Woods American History up to right before the start of the civil war

SCIENCE: ???? He has recently started with Mr. Q life science when what we were using for this year was like bamboo slivers under the fingernails. We might continue with that next year and then go into chemistry or electricity, two other areas he's interested in. I keep coming back to Elemental Science chemistry and was thinking of using that. Has anyone used the lapbooks with that or just stuck with the classic program?

ART: Home Art Studio 1st grade

LOGIC: Logic Liftoff

Enrichment programs at weekly co-op

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Latin: Latina Christiana I


Classical: Famous Men of Rome w/ MP's guide


Literature: Kolbe literature guides *maybe*


English: Rod & Staff 4


Spelling: Rod & Staff 5


Writing: Classical Composition- Fable


Math: Math Mammoth 4


Science: Nature & the library


Memory work: poetry (IEW), scriptures, Shakespeare

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Still finalizing, and we school year-round, so some of this will be started before others.


Math: CLE 400-500

English: MCT Island

Apples & Pears B/C

IEW SWI-A or Fairy Tales, Myths, and Fables, or CTT Creative Writing. Maybe something else.

Still trying to decide on literature, I'm not sure how much I want to have her read vs. having her listen.

History: SOTW: Middle Ages w/AG

Science: finish WP Equine Science, move to Galore Park Junior Science 3

Foreign Language: La Clase Divertida 2, GSWL/Minimus

Music: piano

Art: tentatively Meet the Masters, but also considering Mark Kistler's drawing lessons or Artistic Pursuits 4-5 Book 1

Other: Classical Conversations, Dance Mat Typing, Building Thinking Skills, GIrl Scouts, tumbling, horseback riding

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Math: MUS Epsilon & Zeta or Math Mammoth Fractions & Decimals "Dark Blue" books

LOF Intermediate, Fractions

Science: Oak Meadow

Ellen McHenry The Brain & Elements

Winter Promise Equine Science

History: Oak Meadow/Sonlight

English: Oak Meadow

MCT Town

The Creative Writer/Writing Magic

French: Pulling things together for this - shifting focus toward grammar and writing

Music: Piano, flute & music theory

Art: Hopefully an outside class

PE: Ballet, swimming & soccer

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The only subject I am wavering on right now is science, the rest I am pretty sure of.

Writing with Ease 4

First Language Lessons 4

Spelling Work out D

Math Mammoth 4

Kumon Math

Latin for Children A

Elemental Science - Physics OR experiments using 175 Science Experiments

Story of the World 4

States and capital study using library books and maps

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For my ds (he has mutliple and profound learning disabilities so my list won't be like most 4th graders)


Konos vol1



AAS 2 (& 3 if we can)

Language lessons for elem child (queen's homeschool)

R&S 3 (twice a week)

Copywork for little boys (queen homeschool)


online lit class (probably fables & Fairy tales 2 in1st term and narnia in 2nd term)

Artistic pursuits

SOTW 1 with AG (Konos does not have ancient history and ds wants to study ancient egypt very badly)

Mission Monde ABC (french)

Prima latina

Nature Study

Composer/Artist study

lapbooking and extra science when he wants to.(using apologia elementary science books)


ETA forgot to write down the math. He will be doing MUS beta and if we get through it fairly quickly then gamma as well.

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MCT Town level

WWE4 (although I really get intrigued about IEW, and I just ordered TWJ/BW)

Continue in our Daily Paragraph Editing book

The first few chapters of Jacob's Algebra and or AoPS, maybe LOF prealgebra? Struggling with this

Composer and Artist study in co-op class most likely

Music as part of a co-op class (recorder)

I might experiment with The Private Eye with both kids (6 and 9 yo)

Science-my scientist DH takes care of most of this. We don't really use much in the way of formal curricula

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Math: MM 4B and 5A with a side of Life of Fred Fractions and Singapore Challenging Word Problems

LA: PR 3 second half and WWE 3

Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting

Science: Zoology 3

History/Geography/Bible: TOG Y4

Music: Violin and Childrens Music Journey

Logic: Clip Clue Puzzles and others

Spanish: La Clase

Art: Artistic Pursuits

Latin: Song School Latin

PE: Swim Lessons and Ballet

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Still more planning to do but I'm thinking:



MATH: MM4 and CWP Maybe RS E since I have it, but RS has been too easy for him this year.




LITERATURE: List I picked (AO yr 4 plus others), or Sonlight if I go w/ that

HISTORY: Modern times...might use Sonlight E....or VP....or AO yr5

GEOGRAPHY: A Child's Geography: Explore His Earth

SCIENCE: Apologia Zoo 3 and something else to fill up the rest of the year


LOGIC: Mindbenders

ART: ?



Plus we use quite a bit of Ambleside Online (poetry selections, artist/composer studies, folksongs, hymns, a lot of the literature, geography etc.) Some of this I try to combine my two boys in so some is yr. 4 and some is yr 5 with his older brother.

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Math: MM5A/5B, BA 4 (if available...), CWP 4

Spelling: R&S 4 and 5

Vocabulary: Vocabulary from the Classical Roots 4 & 5

Literature: MP Lit 4 & MCT (A, P, M)

Grammar: FLL 4

Writing: WWE 4 & possibly writers workshops from Write! (http://www.curriculu...rite&topic=CLA0)

Cursive Copywork: Wheeler's Graded Studies in Great Authors

History/Geography: SOTW Vol. 3 with AG and hands-on class at co-op; MP Timeline; MP US States & Capitals; MP Famous Men of Modern Times

Science: Galore Park Junior Science Book 3, plus Magic School Bus & Brain Pop Videos

Electives: Ballet, Art, Music, PE, & Robotics via co-op

Sport: Year-round competitive swimming


ETA: Memory work using FLL poems, grammar definitions, spelling rules, Greek/Latin roots, US states & capitals, science vocabulary, math facts/definitions, history timeline

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Math: MM4, Life of Fred

Spelling: AAS4

Vocabulary: MCT Building Language, thinking of alternating with Queen's Vocabulary

Literature: SL Core D

Grammar: FLL 4

Writing: WWE 4, random writing assignments from SL Core D/LA

Copywork: Queen's Cursive alternating with HWT4

History/Geography: SL Core D plus hands-on links and video links

Science: SL Science E (wanted to venture to RS4K, but DDs chose SL)

Electives: Co-op, Discovering Great Artists by Maryann Kohl

PE: Year-round swimming, yoga

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Math- MUS Delta

LA- SL Readers grade 4/5, Phonetic Zoo, SWI-B(using modifications per IEW), Wordl Wise, grammar??

History/Geography- SL Core F with his siblings, using Trail Guide to world History notebooking pages

Science - SL Science E with siblings

Art - unsure, thinking of using Geography Through Art that goes with Trail Guide

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Here is what my 4th grader will begin in the fall:


Math: MM4a/b plus finish up with Miquon

Spelling: AAS4

Writing: WWE3 and WWW3

Gram: FLL3

History: finish SOTW 2 and begin 3

Geo: EM Daily Geo plus more Canadian studies

Science: EM Read and understand Science plus Mr. Q's Life.

Logic: Logic Liftoff

Handwriting: HWOT cursive

Music: guitar lessons

Phys. Ed.: Swimming, basketball, and karate.

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My plan is:



Reading: Kolbe Academy Lit Guides

Math: Horizons Math 4

History: SOTW

Latin: Lively Latin BB1

German: Das Neue Deutschmobil

Art: Meet the Masters


And we do Classical Conversations at home with another friend so we'll continue on with that as well.


My big undecided as of yet subject is science. I want to do Physics and I'm hoping that Real Science Odyssey will have Physics out this fall. If not, I have no idea what I'm going to do for Physics.

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Love this thread! So fun to see what others are planning for 4th grade.


We are mostly using CM Help's curriculum for 4th grade:


Movement: Recitation, Seasonal songs, Spanish songs, bean bag math facts.

Copywork: Cursive Copywork workbook

Grammar: Daily Grams

Spelling: Spelling Wisdom or dictation pulled by me from lesson books

US History: Story of US audiobooks, living books, Book of Centuries, mapwork and written narrations/notebooking 2xs per week. SOTW 4 when we get to that period.

World Hist: Child's History of the World, Book of Centuries with timeline figures 1x per week, oral narration

Poet Study

Artist Picture Study

Composer Study

Nature Study: weekly field class

Science: Living book readings w/ oral narration 2xs per week, plus notebooking/experiments and research on Fridays

Spanish: Mango app 2xs per week

Math: Math Mammoth/Life of Fred/math journals with living books and word problems

Read-Alouds: CM Help list after lunch

Daily independent reading: at bedtime, free choice (ds is currently reading through the Harry Potter series and plans to move on to The Lord of the Rings, likely by fall).

Handwork: woodworking, woodburning, paper art, knitting, at least 1x per week(ds can choose)

Art: Drawing instruction 1x per week, watercoloring 1x per week

Geography: not sure yet, was planning to use Holling books but I want something that covers topography too.

Music: piano lessons and daily practice

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  • 4 months later...

Math: CLE Math 400 series (maybe, I'm not 100%) and Living Math

LA: LLATL Orange and Living Literature Grammar and Language Arts Packets

Copyork: A Celebration of Christian Character and copywork pages taken from her reading made on the Notebooking Publisher

His/Geo: Finish Expedition Earth by COAH

Science: NOEO Biology Level 1

Art: Our own mix of art books like: Discovering Artists, Usborne Art Treasury and Drawing with Children or may use Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 instead.

Bible: Foundations 1 Bible Study

When we are bored with the above: FIAR Volume 4 -might only use one book every 6-8 weeks:

Sewing: Stitches and Pins Beginner Book

Piano: Up in the air as far as curriculum but we will start lessons at home

Plus: extra reading and read alouds from the library

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Well, here is my schedule. I'm really having a hard time deciding this year, but this is tentatively what we will do. :/


Math- math u see gamma/ delta. She really needs work on her multiplication and division

Grammar- FLL 4

Writing-WWE 3

Reading- BJU reading 4

Spelling- ACSI purposeful design spelling 4

My Fathers World year 4 - for history, science, and art.

Latin- MP first form Latin ??

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Saw a thread going for 3rd grade and 5th grade, let's get one going for 4th. What are your plans for next year?


Mine so far....


Religion: Catechism study and Memoria Press (MP) Christian Studies II


Math: Singapore Math (w/CWP and IP) and Beast Academy


Language Arts: Latin Christina

All About Spelling

MP Classical Composition Fable (maybe online class)

MP Grammar (to go with Latin Christina)

MP Literature and Kolbe literature for kids to read

Ambleside for read alouds


Art: Artistic Pursuits and artist studies


History/Geo: MP Famous Men of Rome (supplemented w/picture books for fun), MP Geo I, MP timeline


Music: Piano lessons


Science- undecided!!!! May a supplemented Elemental Science Physics



This looks very close to my plan.


Religion: Kolbe religion


Math: Singapore with CWP and Sprints


Language Arts: Latin Christiana

All About Spelling

MP Classical Composition Fable (using Kolbe plan and MP DVD)

Jr Analytical Grammar

Catholic National Reader

Kolbe literature

Read alouds - undecided


Art: Atelier


History/Geo: MP Famous Men of Rome, MP States, MP timeline, SOTW 1 as read aloud


Science BFSU V2

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