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Need Animal-related ideas for my 6 yr old son

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Hi there,

I started homeschooling my second son this year, and he's having a hard time adjusting to it. He's 6 years old (we're doing 1st grade), and he fights me on a lot of activities. He says he "hates school" (he said the same thing about the preschool he used to attend), and he doesn't want to do any kind of school. He really loves animals, and I was hoping to find some kind of club or activity that we could do to help him be motivated. We have the Creepy Crawlies book, and we're planning on doing some of the experiments in there, but I would like to give him opportunities to interact with big animals (mammals and such) as well. The kids are begging us to get a dog, but we're not ready to do that yet. I'm wondering if any of you have ideas for clubs or groups that interact with animals. I looked up 4-H, but he won't be old enough for another 2 years. We're in the Philadelphia suburbs. If you have any ideas, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!



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Is there a Children's Science Center or zoo near you? That might be an option.


I don't know how you feel about pets in general, but when we started hs we decided to have a 'classroom pet'. We started small (goldfish), and when the goldfish died, we got a hamster. She's really sweet, and the boys take really good care of her. DS8's birthday is in April, and we're going to get him his own Bearded Dragon since he does so well with mine. Our classroom pet really enhanced the idea of homeschooling for my boys, and school wouldn't be the same without our little hamster.

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doesnt the zoo do classes? the main thing we did for first grade science was get a list of animals at the zoo and then get books about them out of the library. we would read about them and then make a one-page summary of that animal - we'd find a picture from the book or on the web, and write some facts about the animal on the page. i printed them out and put them in page protectors in a soft-cover 3-ring binder and we took it to the zoo, where we woudl get to an animal we studied, find our page, and he could read (most of it) . . . he really loved that


also consider riding lessons, or maybe volunteering at the SPCA to pet the animals? there's a nice smaller zoo down near wilmington, i think, depending on where you are . . i remember cappybaras lol

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