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Going from Saxon to AoPS?

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I would tend to move over later rather than earlier. I got out my 6/5 to see and I don't think that a kid would transfer easily from 6/5 to AoPS pre-algebra. Obviously there will be kids who will do fine with that type of transition, but it would be a big jump. You would probably be safer finishing 7/6 and maybe doing some of 8/7 or Algebra 1/2.

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Many AoPS users have commented recently on issues with AoPS Pre-A being overly complicated:



You should at least take this into consideration before jumping in too quickly. Many such as Ruth in NZ have used the other more advanced texts with their children. I'm still considering AoPS for ds11. But we've used another Pre-A (TabletClass) and I'm not planning on introducing it until Algebra 1. I've already picked up the intro to Algebra book and like what I see so far.

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