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Looking for Write At Home and Home 2 Teach Reviews


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Next year will be 9th grade for DS13 and I'm interested in an online composition course that doesn't include literature because I'd like to use my own book list to go along with World Geography.


This year we're doing IEW's U.S. History Based Writing Lessons and neither DS13 nor I have been all that thrilled with it.


If you've used or are using Write At Home or Home 2 Teach for writing, can you give me some more information?


Did you enjoy it?

Did your kid(s) enjoy it?

Why/why not?

If you've done both, how do they compare?

Is there a lot of instructor feedback on each assignment or is it primarily peer evaluations?


Anything else you want to add.

Do you have another online option that you/your kid(s) enjoyed?

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Ok, I like to lurk and learn, but I will post our experience!


We used Write at Home during my son's senior year. I only have used the workshops, but there were great. He did essay 1, 2, and research paper workshops. I feel that we got a really good coach each time. He had the same for essay 1 and 2, and then he had a different coach for the research paper. I felt the criticism was done very well, she didn't go light on him for which I'm truly grateful. I think they get a feel for where each child is and then go from there. I was so happy with my money spent there that I'm getting ready to sign my others children up in the fall. I'm wanting to use the entire year program because we had such a great experience with the workshops.

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