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Ideas for a dinner/dance giveaway


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I am on the committee for a Girl Scout dinner/dance next month. We have 6 stuffed bunnies left from a spring activity last year that have been stored nicely just waiting for an opportunity to go home with someone. I would like to come up with a giveaway of some sort for the dinner/dance. I already suggested a sort of GS trivia drawing, but was vetoed since the audience attending are very young scouts who probably don't know a lot of trivia yet. (I still think it is a good idea, and the girls may suprise them, but got vetoed anyway)


Does anyone have any ideas you could share?



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Can you do some sort of Bunny Hop Dance Contest - hop around a circle, and when the music stops, if you are standing in a certain spot - you win. Different spots each time?


Or maybe a hopping contest - the longest hop? The highest hop?


Best bunny nose twitching?


Carrot eating or peeling contest?


Have fun!

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