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mending lessons for boys?


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I need to give my boys lessons in mending by hand. I need a list of what to cover at the very least. It's just not something I think about - I just "do it" when I mend.


sure, sewing on a button is obvious, and maybe stitching up a seam or even reinforcing a button hole, etc hems? anything else that should be covered? they will have no sewing machine access, they will have to mend by hand.

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I just have been working on this with my 16 and 11 yos. We are going to cover, or have covered: hemming pants, putting on buttons, mending a torn seam, and patching a small, unobtrusive moth hole in a woolen sweater. I showed them years ago how to sew on scout patches, but it's been awhile and I'm sure they've forgotten : ) I'd also really like to show them how to cover a knee hole in "play" pants effectively, because I did that dozens of times when they were very small, but I'll wait until a certain comfort level grows.


Can I tell a favorite "boy needle work" story?


My friend's grown son moved to Isreal to pursue his dream of becoming a fighter pilot in the Isreali army. He had grown up the home schooled child (and sole boy amongst several daughters) of a Mom who keeps a flock of sheep and uses their wool to knit many pieces of clothing. So he learned to knit when he was very young, and can competently make a sweater for himself. While he wended his way through the application process, he supported himself as a waiter in a nice restaurant. One day a patron, knitter herself, noticed his nice handmade vest and learned he had made it himself! She was so impressed that she asked for his Mom's phone number and called her up immediately to praise her talented son!

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