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Could someone help me in choosing our first IEW book?


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Someone suggested me to start IEW course from All things Canada theme book and then go for directly SICC-A.She said that SWI-A


would be a repeat of skills covered in the All things Canada,so better to go for SICC-A.






Or I should go for All things Canada theme book then SWI-A and next SICC-A?


If anyone could compare and contrast both books contents and guide me,I would be thankful to you.


Waiting for your recommendations......


Thanks for reading.

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If you've never used IEW before and you don't want to use the material that teaches you how to teach the method (TWSS), then you need to start with the SWI-A if your student is at or below a 4th grade reading level and SWI-B if your student is above a 4th grade reading level. Once you and your student are familiar with the program and method and have completed the SWI level then you could choose one of the themed programs such as All Things Canada. The SICC levels are to be completed after SWI and give more practice using all the skills taught in the SWI.


Hope that helps!

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