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does IEW do any kind of sale/discount at conventions?

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There's a free convention near me in a few weeks, but it is a 2 hour drive. My mom lives midway, so we could go visit her, stay overnight, have her watch the 3 year old, and then only have a 1 hour drive to her house each way. Or, my ex lives in that city, and he could go. I'd only do it if there is likely to be some kind of special or discount/sale on IEW. Any know?

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IEW just has free shipping at the convention. You also may have to pay sales tax there. When I went to Memphis last year, the sales tax was higher than the cost of shipping. I waited until I got home to purchase.


It's certainly not worth driving 3 hours. The cost of gas alone will be much, much higher than the cost of shipping (which was about $10 for TWSS/SWI-A combo, IIRC).

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