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How can Ifind out about a business?


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Your friend can check the Better Business Bureau to see whether any complaints were filed against the company and if/how they were resolved (note: registration with the BBB is voluntary, so it's possible that there is no record of them): http://www.bbb.org


She can also check various consumer complaint sites to see whether anyone has posted feedback on this company:




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Guest inoubliable

I'd run away. I can't say for sure that the company you linked pulls this, but it looks seedy.



Have your friend watch that. It happens a lot still.

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I just looked up this company in the BBB database and they are rated "F". BBB has also placed on alert on this company that states:

"as of 11/6/2012 BBB has return mail for this company from the address listed on its website: 2375 East Camelback Rd. Suite 600 Phoenix, AZ 85016. BBB has also determined this address to be a Virtual Office suite and not a physical location for a company. BBB has also confirmed that this company has never been located at this address."




Sounds scammy to me. I'd steer clear.

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Do you know why your friend's home hasn't sold? Is it just her particular area/market, or are there issues with the house that have prevented a sale? Does (or did) she have a real estate agent, and if so, did that person provide any advice?


I'm sure there are reputable companies that provide mortgage relief services, but I don't know of any offhand. Here's a good article on finding legitimate mortgage help: http://leefinancialh...-mortgage-help/

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