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Which edition of TWTM?

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I read a library copy of TWTM (2004 edition) about two years ago. I really need to get my own copy now so I can mark it up, and I've read on a couple of threads here that some people prefer the first or second editions over the third, and I'd prefer to get a used copy of an earlier edition if it will suit my purpose. My oldest is in K, and I am pretty comfortable with my curriculum choices at this point (much of which is PHP), so what I want from the book is mainly the general road map and inspiration. Is there any reason why I would need to spend the extra money for the 3rd edition right now? If not, which earlier edition should I get?



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I own the first edition. marked it all up to add the changes of the second edition and I also own the third. I also promise I am not a wacko...well.... not too big a wacko.


Anyway, while I do appreciate that the first edition has suggestions etc before PHP existed I find myself turning more and more often to the third edition. In the second edition the biggest changes were to materials that were outdated or OOP, plus adding in materials created by PHP. The 3rd edition has, IMO, lots of actual reworking of sections. The logic section especially has been streamlined and clarified.


So, my vote would be to get the third now and the first if you find it for cheap and want it for fun.

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