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FREE Online Digital Photography course right NOW!

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Happening RIGHT now (literally, streaming live as I type this), for 5 consecutive days, is a fabulous series of classes on Digital Photography by John Greengo:





The five 2-hour classes are streamed live this week, and/or you can purchase the series for $99. My husband and older DS did this series the last time John Greengo offered it, and can't rate it highly enough -- he is very clear, specific, and explains the basics of digital photography in a very easy to understand manner.


Hope that helps someone who is looking to get into photography, wants a resource for a photography elective for their student, or who has a student interested in learning more. Cheers! Lori D.

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Sounds neat, but I don't understand what happens if you enroll for live broadcasts, but miss the first one....Or can you still see today's?




That I don't know. :( I'm guessing the free sign-up just lets you see the free live streaming and participate with any questions you send in to be answered live.


Obviously, one could purchase the course, which gives you a recording of the whole thing.


I guess I'd email and ask! :)



ETA -- Stripe, good news! There is a same-day replay on their Facebook Page.

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